Kid’s Corner

Our children are the face of our future, pillars which will support the edifice of our community in the days, years, and decades to come. Alhamdulillah, we in our community are indeed blessed with a brood of angels across the full spectrum of ages who have enthusiastically embraced all aspects of our activities. Be it preparing the musallah area for prayers or packing up after, be it preparing the gym area for the community ifthar or cleaning up after, they have shown an enthusiasm which at times shamed us ancients into brisker activities. Even in the realms of fundraising, hitherto considered an adult chore, these kids have refused to take a backseat. We are indeed proud beyond words to acknowledge with thanks and heartfelt appreciation the efforts of the following kids in raising $2,700 this year as some of them did last year also. While appreciating these efforts, we would like to take this opportunity to encourage other children also to be a part of this movement to translate this dream of an ICN mosque into a reality. We will be failing in our duty if we do not go on record to recognize the efforts of their parents for having inculcated in these little minds the sense of belonging and responsibility towards their community.

May Allaw (SWT) bless each and every one of them. AAMEEN.

Abdul Rahman
Basil Syed
Haider Paroya
Mansoor Shah
Mohammad Zain & Burham
Mohammad Saad Khan
Momin, Mubaris and Salina Taherkheli
Ryan Iqbal
Shahim & Malha Shehzad
Taha Malik
Talal, Bilal & Ahmed
​Zeeshan Khalid