Whispers from the board

Alhamdulillah the construction of Islamic Center of Northland Commnity Center/Mosque is going on. In 2015 we have been able to modify the building design to fit to our budget, the construction of the curbs, access to the parking lot, basement construction, and the shell of the first floor with roofing are some of the works which have been carried out in the past 6 months.

ICN Web Site:
We are happy to let you know that our revamped web site is active and awaiting your hits. Please visit our site and give us your input. Your suggestions can be emailed to icnkcorg@gmail.com

Board’s Acknowledgement:
The Board of ICN wishes to acknowledge with thanks the positive contributions of the many community members who have volunteered to come forward and discuss various aspects of the masjid project and other ICN activities. Board of directors regularly meet after Jumah Prayers, feel free to join us for that and give your feedback about the ongoing construction process. Please continue to communicate with us, for communications allay a lot of misgivings, build bridges of understanding and widen the horizons.

May Allah (SWT) bless all of us with His infinite mercies. May Allah (SWT) bless all of us with the visions of working for a united community, understanding to respect each other, wisdom not to mistrust each other’s motives, intelligence to appreciate the fruits of cooperation.
May the concept of unity and mutual respect guide our thoughts and actions. Aameen.”