Masjid Rules and Regulations


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 “ In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious Most Merciful, Most  Compassionate




The ICN Masjid has been established to serve the community for religious and Islamic social activities. This includes the 5 daily prayers, Jummah Prayer, Islamic School, Summer Picnics, Community Iftars , Eid Prayers /parties,  religious lectures and inter-faith dialogue .

It is incumbent on all visitors to the Masjid to ensure that the congregation is able to perform their prayers, supplications and Zikr in a calm and peaceful atmosphere and that the mosque facilities remain clean and tidy at all times and that every effort is made to minimize the operating and maintenance expenses of the facility. In order to attain these goals, all visitors to the Masjid are requested to kindly observe the following Rules and Regulations:

MASJID TIMINGS are dictated primarily by security considerations but also by pressing economy reasons. The Masjid will remain open from Zuhr to Isha prayers and will be closed immediately after the Isha prayer.  It will be opened a few minutes before the Fajr prayer  and will be  closed immediately after the prayer.

PARKING inside and outside the Masjid premises is bound by the City rules and Regulations governing  parking in public places. Unauthorized vehicles parked in Handicap and non-designated areas risk being fined or towed away.

SHOES   must be placed in shoe racks upon entry in the Masjid ; Shoes  left on the floor can be a safety hazard. During snowy or rainfall days please ensure that your shoes are dried up before putting  them on the rack  to avoid damage to the wooden structure.

DRESS CODE  for both men and women must be appropriate and follow the Islamic  code.

RESTROOMS/TOILETS must be kept clean and tidy with utmost consideration for other users. Water and paper should not be wasted or thrown on the toilet  seats or floors.

CELL PHONES AND PAGERS  must be turned off or switched to silent mode  during the 5 daily prayers,  Jummah prayer and Traweeh prayers.

ANNOUNCEMENTS  OR LECTURES in the Masjid must be pre-authorized by the ICN Board.  Political statements that can be perceived as hate mongering or inciting  violence against anyone(within or outside the U.S) are absolutely forbidden in the mosque.

FUNDRAISING OR SOLICITING within the ICN Masjid premises by other Masajids or Organizations  are  not permitted unless approved by the  ICN Board . Any unapproved items or materials at the Masjid will be removed and discarded including Flyers left on cars in the parking lot.

OVERNIGHT STAYS at the Masjid are not permitted at any time except for I’tikaaf stay for few days during Ramadan for which arrangements will be made in the Mosque basement . The ICN Board will ensure that such stays are in compliance with the security considerations, insurance waiver liability of the ICN and the land use regulations of the City.

YOUNG CHILDREN  are encouraged at the Masjid, but they must be kept  next to their parents during prayers. It is the parents’ responsibility to keep their children quiet and disciplined in the Masjid premises.

POSTERS, FLYERS OR WALL HANGINGS  of any kind are not permitted at the Masjid unless  approved by the ICN Board . Any unapproved items will be removed and discarded.

RELIGIOUS BOOKS AND MATERIAL  for display on the Majid shelves should be submitted to the Board for vetting and approval  by the Communications and Education Committee of  ICN.

ITEMS FOR DONATION like clothing, household and food  items  etc. must not be brought and left in the Masjid unless requested by ICN Board . The Masjid has no facilities for storing or distributing such items. If you wish to donate such items please check with the ICN Secretary for a recommendation.


Member(s) transgressing the above rules will receive verbal warning for the first time while repeated violations by the  member(s) will be reported to the ICN Board of Trustees for appropriate action.




Jazak Allah Khair


For further information  and clarifications, please contactthe ICN Secretary ,  Dr. Laeeq Azmat Tahirkheli:e-mail: