New Mosque Project


In May of 2010, ICN purchased a 10.19-acres lot at 8801 N. Central St. (just north of Metro North Mall) as the future home of Kansas City Northland’s first purpose-built masjid and Islamic Center. The development will be in several need based phases over several years.  

The  first phase envisages a small mosque for about 250 people, consisting of a main floor as musallah area, a basement which can act as a multipurpose room and a mezzanine floor which can be used as a sister’s prayer area, along with service areas like wadu area etc. This phase will also include parking, the land development sub phase like drainage, utilities etc. This whole phase one would be divided into sub phases not only for ease of construction but also to meet the budgetary demands, with initial focus on the main musallah floor. The sub phases of this phase I will be:

  1. Land development phase
  2. Completion of skeletal main structure
  3. Focus on finishing the main musallah floor with wadu areas / parking and opening for prayers.
  4. Finish basement when funds are available next
  5. Finish mezzanine floor when possible.

Though Sub Phases 4 and 5 will add to the capacity enormously, they are independent of sub phase 3 and hence the functioning of the mosque.

Subsequent main phases like playing fields, gymnasium, rental properties etc are long range proposals for a future date.

Currently we are in the plans approval process stage. The plans are with the City, it is an ongoing process. 

Since we have the basic plans ready, we are in the process of ascertaining the most economic construction method.
Sub phase 3 when completed will meet the immediate religious, spiritual, social and educational needs of more than 250 Muslims living in the Northland. 

Detailed estimates are in preparation and would be available soon. 

We seek your support ardently in completing this task. Every sajda that is made in this mosque in the decades to come  will bear testimony to the support you gave in building this house for Allah (SWT). This will not just be a sadaqa, but remember, it is sadaqa e jariya, an eternal source for Allah’s blessings for you and your families. Your support is urgently needed to complete this project. Please donate today and do not let go of an opportunity to be part of this effort to bring a place for worship to the Almighty in the Northland, KCMO. 

Please note that you can make your donations more personal by sponsoring a prayer spot. The ICN prayer halls will comprise of 250 prayer spots. Each spot is sufficient for one person to pray. The estimated construction cost of each spot is $1,500. Please consider a donation  to cover the cost of one spot. You can make the intention for this continuous charity (Sadaqa Jariya) to go for yourself, a family member, or a deceased loved one. May Allah (swt) reward you for your generous donation to this noble project.

The design for the ICN mosque is flexible. In the years to come, when the need arises this facility can be expanded without demolishing the current structure.

Long term development plans envisage a 8,000 square feet school, a 6,700 square feet banquet hall, a children’s playground, a soccer field, a tennis court, a basketball court, lockers, and a picnic area, to act as a focal point for gathering and prospering of our community.